Monday, January 22, 2007

Profile Page

Profile Page:

Here’s a sample Profile Page you can use for each persona or character that you use. Make sure you have this with you when you do Predator Barrier. If you make another persona, then make another Profile Page. This sample has false names and information included.

Your persona’s screen name: Steph965

Password: lol267

DOB on account: 5/12/1988

Your persona’s first and last name: Stephanie Robertson

Your age: DOB: 13, 9/21/1993

Your height and weight: 5' 1" 98 pounds (they like 'em small)

What size clothes/bra you wear: Size small, and bra size A, but it's still a little big on me. lol

Your Mom’s name/age: Dad’s name/age: Carol, 38, Carl, 41

Siblings- names/ages: Cathy, 19 Toby, 12

Friends names/ages: Jennifer Smith, 13

Ex boyfriends- names, ages, when broke up, etc:
Billy, 14 broke up on 1/15/07 because he's immature and cheated on me with Lisa.

City you live in: Los Angeles, CA

School you go to: Grade you are in: Wilson Middle School, 8th grade

Classes you like: Computers, PE, History

Classes you hate: English, Math

Link to school’s web site for reference: www dot Wilson dot com

Names of landmarks nearby:

Mall- Westfield Shopping Town, 123 N. Mall Street
Main Stores: Torrid, Gap, Body Jewelry, Macy's, etc
List Main Restaurants, video arcades, etc

Movie Theater- Bob's Movies, 123 Movie Street

Names of the other schools in town

Summer activities: Hang out at the mall, go to movies, go to best friend's house, swimming, etc

Activities: (List favorite music, tv shows, food, games, magazines, etc)

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