Tuesday, January 23, 2007

FAQ About Predator Barrier

FAQ About Predator Barrier

I’m not in the USA, can I do Predator Barrier?
Yes, you can do this anywhere.

The pervert didn’t tell me his age. Is that ok?
No, you have to state your persona's age, and he has to state his age in the chat log.

Can I do voice chat?
Do not do voice chat, it is not archived. If a pervert wants to do voice, tell him your parents are in the house and will hear, or that your speakers do not work.

This guy says he has my IP address and he knows where I live.
He’s lying. An IP address is only a general location/area where you live (city and state). It does not give your address.

Can I use a picture in my profile?
We discourage using a profile picture. You do not need one. If you want, you can create an avatar through Yahoo. You can also use a picture of yourself when you were the age you are representing. You cannot use anyone else’s picture without their permission.

The pervert wants to send me pictures.
If you accept or open pictures from the pervert they may be child pornography and you will need to contact LE immediately. You can refuse to accept pictures. Tell him that your Mom gets on your computer and checks for downloads or that she has a software program that monitors everything you download.

Can I turn a chat over to LE even if he didn’t send child porn or admit to harming a child?
Yes. You can take any chat to LE if the pervert solicits sex from you, and if you follow all the rules. If you are going to do this, DO NOT reveal yourself. The LE will want to take over your chat and pretend to be you so that they can bust this guy. If you reveal yourself, then you’ve blown your cover, and LE cannot follow through on it.

I have more questions. What can I do?

Email Sues at Warriorsforinnocence@gmail.com
or YIM at suesviews2


Predator Barrier is often times nasty work. Perverts are called perverts for a reason. They can get graphic and nasty in the chats. Some people find they cannot do Predator Barrier. It can be shocking, but you will get used to it and find a way to deal with it. If not, then take a break and decide if it’s something you can continue to do.

Taking breaks from this helps. Listening to music or having the TV on while chatting also helps. Don’t let this be the last thing you do before you go to bed at night. You want to end your day on a happy note, not a bad one.

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